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Collect Characters

Find, unlock and upgrade a diverse roster of 12 playable, gothic characters – each with unique powers and abilities that grant access to new areas of the game.

Local and Online Multiplayer

Battle and explore solo or with friends,  in this dungeon-crawling, platform-brawling adventure for 1-4 players featuring both local and online co-op!

Kick Everything

Use the unique, targeted kicking mechanic to snag loot, breach barriers, solve puzzles and defeat enemies.

Welcome to Karpathia

 With legions of monsters trying to decimate what’s left of mankind, only the Yeoman Eldritch Extermination Team (Y.E.E.T!) can save us!
Kick everything to succeed; skulls, demons, friends… chickens?

Coming June 16th 2022

Y.E.E.T. must prevail…

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